May 15, 2010


My car was broken and got fixed two weeks ago.  A computer on board didn't work any more, the car was towed to the dealer to be fixed, and the call came that the repair was simple, but would be very expensive.
The car died in front of a mechanic's shop, who is also a friend of mine (how lucky was that!), he had checked it before he towed it to the maker/dealer, and told me that the fix should be covered by warranty.  So I was hopeful that it would cost me nothing to maybe a little.
Well, Toyo.ta told me that no, it was not under warranty, and please pay megabucks.  Since I had no choice, I paid said megabucks.

On Friday I stopped by the mechanic to pay him for towing, and he asked me how I made out.  I told him I was told, no, not under warranty and I had to pay lots of money.  He patiently told me, no, let me check, got the papers, showed me here is the problem, yup, that's the number, that was the same number on the receipt, and it should be covered by the warranty.
Today I went back to Toy.ota, and showed my receipt, showed the print-out referring to  the warranty (print-out from the Internet), and was told, so sorry, we made a mistake, of course it was under warranty, we are so sorry!  And I will get my dineros back on Monday, when the office is open.

Moral?  Never give up.  I had planned to write headquarters and complain, but thankfully, due to the diligence of my mechanic, I didn't have to.

I was so happy, I even went nuts with garage sales and found all kinds of treasures.  A brooch for me, a coocko clock for $5, trucks for the boys to play with at my house, a tin just like my mother had, it was a gift in the 1950's, filled with candy, and she kept it and used it as a sewing kit, and to keep buttons in for 50 cents, a milk-glass cruet, and some lace.
So, good day all around.  Weather is perfect, albeit (I always wanted to use 'albeit') a bit windy.
I'm off to do the dishes, and finally sew.  Birthday presents, etc....

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