May 20, 2010

Cold is coming to an end!

The day before yesterday I was so cold at work, that I went to the car and got the pj top I have in the bag for emergency sleep-overs (you may think what you like!), and put it on over my t-shirt. 
Yesterday was not much better.
Today I came armed with another fleece jacket, and yes, I put it on.  In the building it's chilly, and it's almost the end of May, so you wouldn't expect you need heat in a warehouse.

A friend and I went to a tag sale at a local museum on Sunday and had a blast.  She's into buying earrings, since she dresses up for work, and changes her accesories a lot.  I managed to find two glass carafes, the ones with the glass stoppers there, and another two at another garage sale.  Plus another Blue Willow plate.

My skirmish with Toyota is over.  On Monday when I called I was told, that I had to wait 5 - 10 days for the refund, since they had to get it from headquarters.  Sure, I said, hung up, and then thought about it.  I called back, saying that had they accepted the warranty in the first place, I wouldn't have had to pay at all.  True, I was told, but now it's a different situation.  I got a bit mad.  And argued back, no, it isn't, I want my money back, and what about the towing fee???  My jaw dropped when I was told, sure, give us a receipt marked paid' and  we'll refund that as well.  Can you believe it?!  Only when you ask...
And yes, I am writing a letter to the main office. 

Okay, off to work.

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