May 7, 2010

Birthday, Visit

What a gorgeous day it is again!  This really deserves an exclamation mark.

Chuck and Sue and Noah are on the way, and  I can't wait to see them.
(Chuck, you have a to-do list, sorry).  I will leave work early and beat the traffic, and hopefully my visitors home.

I found a Seabra's!  Right around the corner from the bank.  A Portuguese  grocery store, with the best bread in the world.  Beats the Italian bread hands down.  And I stocked up.

Everyone called except my older (younger) brother.  How dare he!  I guess I will have to call and request my 'happy birthday'.

Matthew was cute, he sang me the 'this is your birthday song, and it isn't very long', on the phone this morning.
And I got a happy birthday, Oma,  call from Jackson.  And Noah sang the birthday song for me over the phone.
And Krista, Thomas, Cathy, Christa, Nicole, Erika, Chuck, all called.
Thank you!
These two photos match my mood.  Happy pictures from the Chihuly exhibit in the NY Botanical Garden.
This was BB (before blogging).

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