May 14, 2010

Birthday Celebration

May is the month of birthdays.  I was invited to the birthday of a co-mother-in-law tonight.  I'm ready!  That is, I will be, after I go home and freshen up. 
Can't talk about the itty-bitty present, because it's supposed to be a tiny surprise.

Jackson showed up with his parents yesterday and used the loudspeaker system to page 'Oma, Oma, come here please!'  They went to the shore.  A mini family vacation before the family gets larger.  This is the weekend that Jackson was born - in the 31st week.  It would be great to see her go all the way to forty - not a bad number, is it?!

My plans?  Hmmm, garage sales, although there are precious few.  Sewing.  Two dresses.  At least.

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