May 6, 2010


What a gorgeous day today!  So was yesterday.  One of those fabulous 'Top of the World Trade Center' days I used to think.  Empire State Building now, I guess.  (It's not the same)

I had Jessica yesterday at work with me all day.  She was too contagious to go to school, so she hung out with me.  I'm tough, I'm not afraid of contagious.  We did a Costco run, went to the post office, cut out a dress for her, she drew - lots of pictures for mommy, and we put the drops in her eyes.  Fun to hang out with her.

Tomorrow the - so far - youngest - member of our family will come with his parents.  And stay with me for a few days.  I'm so looking forward to it!

And we will get together for Mother's Day.  That's something I'm looking forward to.  Plus the round of birthdays will now start, we will fall from one birthday to the next.  Jessica will be six!  Noah two, Jackson three, Erika - no, I'm not going there.  And Chuck is in the mix too, as am I - and Ron and Beth....
Happy Birthday to me!

PS: ... and I got the most beautiful card from a great friend today.  Thank you, Linda!

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  1. have a lot of fun with your family AND: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU liebe ruth!!! alles liebe aus dem Hunsrück von mir und holger!! hab eine schöne zeit!! drück dich ganz doll!