May 26, 2010

Art Museum

Got the kids from school and a play date yesterday.  And brought Jessica to the art museum where she is taking a class.  Matthew was at a playdate, and I picked him up before we went to the museum.  And he complained about having to wait there.
Even though he had his DS with him.  I then had a brilliant idea:  Let's go do your homework!
Well, you know the dirty look I got.
This is after he scammed me out of a bag of Pirate Booty and a bottle of water from the machine.
(hmm.  he's getting as good at that as his uncle when he was that age)
But we did it.
And read one whole Amelia Bedilia book, which we both enjoyed.
Jessica's homework we'd already done while getting ready for art class.
And she brought home a self-made bobble head.
And Erika made tacos for supper.

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  1. Awww yes, homework memories....
    You're such a fun person Ruth!