June 20, 2010


The birthday report will come later (good time had by all).
I was just bringing out the garbage,
messing around in my front yard,
I had a hard time putting the lid on the can.
Finally done, dragged the can to the curb,
I'm going back into the house, I look to the right, and this is what I see
in my postage sized front yard:
And I don't live way out in the country.  No, it's a community with houses all around, a school down the street, but this is the wildlife around here.
resting in Muryphy's (cat that died 1 year ago) favorite spot.
And it the deer let me go in the house, get my camera, take some photos, and did this:
Started eating while laying down.
Guess I'm no threat.  And me running toward it waiving my arms and yelling the other day made enough of an impression to come back.
I give up.


  1. Hmmmm...maybe Murphy come back??
    Don't know what else to tell ya Ruth...
    Maybe call animal control or the State Wildlife guys. They can put it to sleep and take it back to where it should be..

    Good luck..

  2. das reh mag dich halt! -)

  3. Mei is das süß! ich hab in ganz Bayern noch keine 10 Rehe gesehen, und in New Joisey sitzen sie im Garten. Dass es da so warm ist, auch noch!

  4. Tolle Fotos! Looks pregnant?!

  5. @Dani - kicher
    @ Vicki - it's okay, I'm half joking. No animal control would do anything to a deer that's just hanging out. They'd laugh me out of the county.
    @ 365 Tage - Hier sind man das oft. Leider auch oefter als Verkehrsopfer. Und New Joisey sagt man NUR in Brooklyn!
    @SusiP - keine Ahnung, ich dachte eher es sei noch ein sehr junges Reh.