June 9, 2010

Rainy Wednesday

It's fine that it's raining.  I don't have to schlepp water to my poor deer-threatened flowers.  That darn lonely deer that thinks my garden was made for it, keeps coming around.  Yesterday I yelled at it, chased it into the woods in back, and it only ran a few steps as if to make fun of me.  Only when I threw sticks in its direction did it deign to move along.  I can't throw worth beans.  Or I can throw, but not hit anything.  So the deer was in no danger.
Yesterday it was there again.  And we played the same game.  I bought the expensive deer-off, since I'm tired of making my own and I want to see if this last longer.  According to the bottle, it's supposed to last three months.  I don't think so!  Don't plants grow in three months?  Won't there be new growth?  Not protected by the deer-off?

Anyway, I had this pretty new rose bush, with flowers already on it, I planted it, and the deer snacked on the flowers as if I had put a salad out for it.

It was great sleeping the last couple of nights.  Cool, cold even.  I have switched to the summer quilt with just a sheet, and I had to close the windows.  Rain now....


  1. Hello Ruth,

    the world is a Dorf.

    I didn´t knew that schlepp is an english word.

    Gruß from Portugal to weit wech

  2. Dang deer anyway, huh. I can't offer any other solution. I've heard so many and I'm sure you have too. The one about putting some of your hair in a piece of pantyhose or netting won't work if he just runs far enough away to stick his tongue out at you...

    In Fountain Green I had a deer problem with my new trees. Don't have anywhere to plant things here yet. And I haven't seen any deer wandering around. But there are a couple of antelope that have jumped the fence they've put up around the Base and I bet they have some good munchies too.
    Hope the deer off helps for awhile anyway...
    Let us know.