June 4, 2010

Boat Covers and so on

Today we finished the new boat cover for Jim.  Just the original one, not the one to go over that.
he should be happy with that.
I am picking up the kids today.
Matthew has soccer.
I made a beautiful towel for Jessica, pictures when I get home, where my camera is.
I also made her a dress - see photos and camera.
Yes, I did go for my walk today, but a bit later.
The swans still have three cygnets.
I bought 'The girl with the dragon tattoo' again, because I want Erika to read it.
Tomorrow and Sunday I will be attending Jessica's birthday parties.
One for the friends, one for the family.
Now I'm having coffee!

1 comment:

  1. I'll have to get that book and read it...

    Hope your parties were good ones...