June 23, 2010

Dresses for Jessica

I made a dress for Jessica yesterday.  A little summer dress with maybe a yard of fabric.  And if I can remember the name of the technique I used, I'll link it to where I saw it.  (This getting older thing and forgetting stuff is for the birds) (but then again, English being the language with the most words, with over 2,000 being added every year, it's no small wonder that I forgot an expression)
... anyway, it's the filling of the lower bobbin with the thin elastic and sewing strips of elastic onto the material, the regular thread from the top, the elastic on the bottom, and then rows of it, as many as you want.
Since the piece of fabric was fairly long, I cut off two strips on the bottom and made the straps for the top, to be tied into pretty bows.  The fabric for the dress was very romantic, roses with bows on beige background, I thought I would get an objection from the princess.  On the contrary, she snapped it up, and changed into it as soon as she got home.  And when I asked if she'd like more, her eyes lit up, and she said 'yes!'.
When I inquired about preferences on pattern or color I was told it didn't matter.
I guess she trusts me.
When I remember to get my camera back into my purse (don't forget memory card), I'll post pictures.
And no, it's not rushing (wrong) or ruching.....
And oh, my son-in-law's Dad is in the hospital.
Feel better soon, Ron!

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  1. Oh, hurry and get your camera going..I want to see! I know first hand how good a seamstress you are Ruth :)