June 25, 2010

Weekend and Ocean

And another weekend is here.  Beautiful weekend weather, sun, warm, balmy, actually hot yesterday.  I visited the pregnant lady, and she looks great, albeit pregnant.  Her tummy comes into the room waaayyyy before she does!  (kidding)
Jackson was sick, home with a fever.  He felt better because he had meds, but then he went to the couch and told us his head hurt.  I was confused - he knows what a headache is?!  Nicole explained that was because she asked him 'does your head hurt?'. 

Going out to dinner tonight (Mexican), and I'm looking forward to it.  With a friend, meeting two former co-workers of hers, and those ladies are fun. I'm looking forward to Margarita(s).

Early day tomorrow, a ride to Shelter Island.  Just for overnight (note to self: don't forget your bathing suit!).

Yes, I went for my walk this morning.  I do it to keep diabetes at bay.  The 10,000 steps a day.  Yes, it's not easy, but --- see the post about anything done more then 21 times becoming a habit.  And by now it's something like yoga for others, or meditating.

I left the house before 5:30 AM, and it was busy down by the pond.  And I don't think the swans have any more babies.

I check the plants and flowers along the way, get yelled at by the crows at the school, and see the goose babies and duck babies grow up.  The Canadian honkers know how to protect their little ones.  As far as I can see, the parents never let them go in the water.  And the gander watches carefully as you walk by, opening his beak, ready to hiss, should you get too close.  So how come the swans aren't able to hang onto at least one of their babies?
There also is a red-winged blackbird (swear to god that is the name), that has a nest right next to the water, and defends it like mad, yelling at the crows and making a racket anytime anyone even comes close. 

All right, back to work - I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. Hey, you write this so good, I feel like I'm there walking with you and getting screeched at by the red and black one! You sure have fun on your walks :)