June 16, 2010


This weekend we are celebrating Noah's second birthday.  And I am all set to go with friends, who are also invited, on the four-hour-plus ride.  Theoretically it's only supposed to take four hours.  In reality, on a Friday, from our corner of NJ through Philadelphia, which we'll most likely hit at rush hour, we'll be lucky to make it in said four hours.
But one can hope.
It's all set so far, the presents are bought/given to me/made (well mostly), my bag is being packed (add pj's) (and shoes), and it looks like I'm set.
Nicole calls.  Jackson saw the presents meant for Noah, and wanted to know if they were his.  No, for Noah - Noah's party is this weekend, he was told.
Can I help Noah open his presents?  was his question.
So I got the call if I want to take Jackson on our trip.
Of course!  Love to hang out with a grandson, and have two of them - the two who have the same birthday - be at a party together.

It'll be fun!


  1. Hope you make it through all that traffic! Nothin but wide open spaces here...
    Let me know you're back safe and had lots a fun :)

  2. gute fahrt und viel spass mit den beiden! :-) viele grüsse an sue und chuch und natürlich noah von uns!