June 10, 2010

Bag lesson

I made these bags today.  A friend of a friend ordered them:
I got the material from the Swedish furniture store.

And this is how I made them:
I cut two strips of material the width of the fabric, then inserted a length of zipper (one side only, from a chain) between them, like this:
then I actually sewed it together on the serger (overlock).  This way it's finished, and I don't have to worry
abut any lose ends.

Then I cut the strip in three pieces - could be more, or less, and then added the slider to the zippers, and serged the edges of the bags.
Sizing the bag - it's your choice how big you want it.

With right sides facing, sew along the edges of the bag, making sure you leave an opening in the lining, and being careful to match the zipper edges, pushing them toward the 'outside'
Sew edges, then either cut a little square off the corner, lay it toward each other, or cut off triangle on bottom:
Do that at all four corners, and you have a three-dimensional bag.
I hope I explained it all so you can follow.  If there are any questions, please let me know.


  1. Hallo Ruth,

    aber wo wird das denn gesprochen?

    Und "verkackt" ist leider nicht in der angegeben Liste. *grummel*


  2. Hi Ruthie, I am glad I checked in. The bags are great! What did you do with Klaus' buttons?