June 29, 2010


I am officially addicted to shirring.  Jessica is not allowed to wear dresses in Day Camp.  So I made her a top yesterday.  It was rejected - too short - give it to Aunt Nikki's baby (if it's a girl).
(Her belly button may show, and that's a huge no no!)

So I'll make another one.
And Aunt Nikki requested 'diaper covers' aka little bloomers/panties with any dresses for possible little girls.
And I am making beachy bags.  Red and  white stripes with blue lining.

Some more Shelter Island photos, different camera:
This is the first house you see as you start driving after getting off the ferry.

The Drug Store, with the Chequit to the right

 And the pilings at the ferry dock.

 And on the ferry....
And some Island architecture...

The geraniums are fenced in so the deer don't think they are food.  Yes, they are a pain in the neck even on the island.
Oh, and it's a kettle from the days of whale fishing in or near New England....

Speaking of deer, on the way home from my walk this morning I came across the deer.  It had three fawns.  I have no idea if that was the deer in my yard.  The fawns looked just darling.  And the deer was three steps away from me.  Probably knew I wouldn't do anything.

I am waiting for a phone call from Claus.
To find out how Vera is.

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  1. Super Fotos.

    Ich kann leider nur ganz, ganz wenig englisch :-(