October 1, 2010

Wet, wet, Nicole

Nicole is the name of the storm that's dumping rain, rain, and more rain on the East Coast.  While I have nothing against rain, it's not miserable in the sense of cold.  Yes, still an adventure.    I love rainy days, makes the sunny days less boring, I am not a friend of rain in the building I'm in.  And yes, we have rain.  The roof leaks.  And there is an artwork of plastic planes strung under the roof, with buckets and hoses that lead the rain back outside.  And still it comes in in unsuspected corners.  Why is the roof not fixed?  Well, first it's not my roof, it's huge, it's ancient, and if you fix it in one spot, the water finds a different way in.
The roof is being worked on in bits and pieces, and hopefully it'll be less leaky soon.

Thank heavens it's still warm - t-shirt and sandals still - and not cold.

And I just had to show this machine - waiting for orders.
 (and no, no clue what it's intended use)


  1. Wie lustig Ruth. Just read your comment. I actually live in the Fingerlakes Region, in Ithaca. Ich bin im Siegerland aufgewachsen, in einem kleinen Staedtchen, eine Stunde von Koeln entfernt....and I'm curious what made you think it was Eastern Germany....
    Have a lovely weekend und herzliche Gruesse,

  2. Oh, wie klein die Welt doch ist. Reinboellen ist in der Naehe von Bad Kreuznach, gell? In der Naehe von Watkins Glen gibt ein huebsches Restaurant: "Dano's Heuriger": Ist ein bischen oesterreichisch. Es gibt Kartoffelsalat, die Kuchen schmecken lecker und es ist sehr schoen da.
    Viel Spass!

  3. Definitely "DU", not "Sie" ;)
    Liebe Gruesse,