October 11, 2010

Back from the ladies weekend

We just had a thunderstorm with hail.  
I am hoping my friends, who are driving back to Connecticut, have a save trip.

We had a wonderful time.  
The weather was perfect.
The rooms were great, as usual, the food we had was terrific.
The wine tastings were fun and we enjoyed them.
Being together with old friends is the best.
We laughed, we teased each other,
we talked about our families, 
and the things that worry us.
But mostly we were happy to be together.

And we started every morning with a walk through the Glen.
That's sort of a misnomer, it's a gorge with 19 waterfalls.
And simply amazing.  Very, very loud in places, with stairs going up, and up.

Up and up
at least 800 steps up to the end of the trail
 We walked it right after getting up, had a cup of coffee and walked about 1 mile to the start of the trail through the gorge
 I just couldn't make the trek without one of the cameras, trying yet again for the perfect shot.
 and it is like a mystery - what is around the corner?

 one of my favorite spots, the water coming over the path, a veil of water

 and it gets more quiet toward the top.
and the way back....


  1. Oh no, I looked for a picture, an all my writhings are away :-)
    So, what did I write?

    Aaah - what a wonderful weekend with wonderful friends.
    So beautiful pictures, I would hve liked to be with you there because I wantet to go with you.
    On Picture 3934 water looks like a curtain.

    Thank you so much for this great post.
    I love to read it and look at your marvellous pictures

  2. Great picture! Seems to be a little bit dangerous?? I read some of your articles and I noticed: I have to polish up my English, pu! Regards from Rana