October 24, 2010

Granmother with three

All three local children spent the weekend with me (we missed you, Noah!).
I picked the two older ones up at school and almost forgot that we made arrangements to meet and I got the three-year-old as well.  The first/Friday night was a bit rough.  I pile them all in one bed (think it'll be an awesome memory), read some books, and since everyone was still super-excited to be here, the last (little one) dropped off at 10 PM.

Early -6 PM - rising on Saturday, and we still managed to be a little late for the soccer game.  The field was easy to find, but to find Matthew's team was another story!  It was a huge, and I mean even by American standards, huge field, with probably 10 - 12 fenced-in fields, and each field had two soccer games going.  And it was an all-day event!  I had some problem hooking up with his team, but we found them.  And Matthew had a great time playing in two soccer matches back to back.  I walked away thinking that they won one out of the two, but was informed today that they lost both.  And the coaches let them believe they won the first one.  I don't think that's right, but ...

Photos later, or tomorrow, I'm off to the movies.  Sherri is back from (very hot) Israel, and we are ready to sit and just relax.
All the kids are back home, we all had a blast, and I probably played more soccer with Matthew this weekend, then I ever did with my kids.

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