October 22, 2010


Yesterday, after I picked the kids up from school, I walked around the corner.

isn't it gorgeous?
And some more photos:

  A little girl skipping on her way home.  Remember?
On the way back to work, having picked up stuff at the supplier's
just  thought I'd share some highway signs, how many of you see the one on the left on your way?

Jessica is taking an art class.  And she drew a pumpkin for me, carefully, with the stem not starting at the top, but like this, and she knew to draw the lines of the pumpkin.
Happy weekend!


  1. Thank you for the pictures. I grew up in NJ and never appreciated how pretty the state was until I was gone. We don't have a pretty fall here and I miss seeing the trees turn each year. My Dad died a month ago and we went back to NJ for his funeral, but it was too early to see the pretty colors.

  2. Wonderful colores trees.
    Hey you go to Holland on that street :-)
    The hair of little girl show how strong wind is blowing.
    To paint a pumpkin is not easy I think.

    Best wishes