October 2, 2010

Fall Day

Today's loveliness more than made up for yesterday's crappy, crappy day.  The weather was perfect.  No other word for it - perfect.  The sky the bluest blue, when I looked up I could even see the colors on the planes flying far enough overhead to be barely heard.  The light and sunshine - just perfect, and you are just happy to be in it.

I went to a neighboring town, there was a town wide garage sale (nothing good, really), and I parked the car and just walked the neighborhood.
Lovely day for that walk.  I got my steps in, saw some really nice neighborhoods/houses, and really didn't spend any money.
It's now a little past 5 PM, and I'm headed out to see about finishing my bathroom.  I need to find something to change the pink tile left over to the white which dominates the rest of the bathroom.  I'm so totally not sure what to do, so I better go and inform myself.

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