October 15, 2010

Friday again

A week ago today we set off for our days on the Finger Lakes.  Today it's windy and chilly.
I will have to bring Matthew to a soccer game.  I'll have to dig up a blanket, since I will have to stay, as per Matthew's request.

My friend Linda sent me a few more pictures from our time upstate.  Not that I needed them.  I took them with her camera, after having a hard time figuring out how it worked.  I even took a very decent little video without knowing I was taking it - if I had done that on purpose, it couldn't have been better, no shaky camera.

Anyway, this is from our Sunday up there.  We explored Lake Canandaigua, which has a little more hilly surroundings then the rest of the lakes.  

 My new shoes, which gave me such a blister only on the left foot!

 I wasn't fast enough, the steam boat left....
 A late lunch by the lake

1 comment:

  1. Hallo dear Ruthie,
    nice pictures, wonderful, colourful woods.
    Your new shoes look good. But blisters aren't good.
    I only hava walking-shoes. So I no longer go over my left ankle and I don't get any blisters.
    It's so good to walk with them.
    I only wear walking-shoes, not only for walking, but for every going out.
    I do so since 2005. And I can say, it is wonderful.