October 6, 2010

Fire Houses and Limos

We had the opportunity to see a very special limousine, and admire it.
And then check out a fire station and a bunch of fire trucks and the equipment.
(Note: Firemen are softies when it comes to showing little boys the trucks and the tools that go with it)
And a little (big) boy who was so proud to see it all and touch it all and play with it all.
 how cool is that?!

and a vintage fire engine, which is being lovingly restored by the volunteers in the fire house
and has all original parts
except for the pump
and they proudly show it off in parades
 and the other little boy, who said when asked what the best part of the evening was:
'Seeing the fire trucks and holding Matthew's hand'
Two things!
 And another little guy who couldn't care less where he was.
Posted by PicasaAnd a little guy looking through the end of an antique pipe - happy.


  1. ach wie scheeeee! :-)

  2. What a wonderful felling for little big boy ;-)
    Er droht in der Kluft der Feuerwehrmänner zu versaufen :lol:
    But he's happy and that's good.

    Our son in low is a firebrigade-man.
    So, when they just where married, they had to climbe into the oldest firebrigade-car and with tatüüütataaa they where driven through little village Nierstein.