October 18, 2010

Middle of October

And the weekend is over again.  I spent most of it in the company of two little boys, one only 3 months old.  And it was fun.  The three-year old thinks I am a wrestling buddy.  And wrestled with me, so loud, we woke up his brother upstairs. So sorry!

The drive to the boys was just marvelous, we once again have the amazing fall colors.  No, I didn't have my camera with me,  and I can take pictures galore, it never comes out as good as the reality.
And fall here makes up for every crappy day the rest of the year.  The humid summers, the sometimes blustery, icy winters, the way spring never really does come, it stays cold until May and then slips right into hot and humid.

 This year I am taking digital photos for 10 years!  Christmas 10 years ago I asked for money, so I could buy a decent digital camera.  And I loved it, the photos are amazing, it was an Olympus.
Since then I worked up to a digital SLR, but like the small Canon better, it carried better, in a purse, pocket, jacket, and so on. 

My last post is not easily visible.  When I click on it via google reader, it tells me the post is not found.  When I click on the link to my home page, it comes up.  I can't figure it out.  Oh, well, it does exist!

I walked on the treadmill most of the time last week.  It's just too dark to make it down to the pond.

Today?  Picking up the other kids, doing art class and hopefully Jessie will be willing to go to piano lessons.

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  1. I loughed out loud.
    Our first digital camera has been olympus too.
    But its batteries where not good. And it was so expensive: 766 Euro. Date: 15.2. 2002

    Now we've got canon, we both, just as you do. ♥