October 5, 2010

More of Brooklyn and Williamsburg Bridge

In the photo below, in the middle, above the bridge, would have been the Twin Towers.  I still miss them.  One used to exit the subway, and just orient oneself on the Twin Towers.  Oh, if they're in this direction, I'll have to go that way - like that.  Of course that's not the only reason, just one - and one cannot be in NYC without thinking of 911.
Since I took so many photos on Sunday, and a lot of them I took specifically to share, I am unabashedly showing more of our great Sunday.  Above is the view of the park under the Brooklyn Bridge, a bride, which we also saw with her groom close-up.
Bride and groom
Aren't they gorgeous?  Almost pretty enough to pose for an advertisement.
The Brooklyn Bridge from the Williamsburg Bridge, and below a close-up of the Williamsburg.  My brother, who is a steel welder by profession, thought the Williamsburg Bridge a work of art.

 Middle of the Williamsburg Bridge
 Graffiti in Chinatown
 NYFD in Chinatown, with a dragon

Waiter setting a  table in a restaurant in Chinatown

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  1. Oh, that's fine! More from or about Brooklyn- and Williamsburg-Bridge
    Bride and groom look so happy, groom a little proud :-) And he can be proud of this young lady.

    Thanks for declaration where there have been Twin Towers. They often show it in TV.

    Hallo Ruth, nice to see you!
    May I ask how old you are? You look so young ♥

    Williamsburg Bridge really is art - wonderfull pictures.

    Uuuh a dragon in front of a bus.
    Interesting pictures ♥ and declaration.

    best wishes minibar

  2. Oh, to visit New York! A dream of mine - and one day I will. I really liked your photographs of the Brooklyn Bridge in the post below. And I read "Bubbly's - best lunch" and was going to agree wholeheartedly as I love champagne, but then I saw that it was "Bubby's". Oh, well .....