October 13, 2010

More upstate New York

The weekend was just gorgeous.  We had great weather, and enjoyed each others company.
I took so many photos of the beautiful gorge in Watkins Glen.  We met other walkers there, some who were walking it for the first time, others photographers who even stepped out into the water to be closer to the falls. I considered briefly doing the same, but then decided the view from the walking path was good enough.
So I am sharing more photos from out walk.  I took one or the other camera with me every day, thinking maybe the light will be different, maybe I'll get the million dollar shot...  and who can resist a place like that!

And we stopped here, at Taughannock Falls, just amazing.  Last year we walked from the bottom to the bottom of the falls, but somehow one of us (not me) didn't have the energy (hurting feet) to walk the distance.

 Some of the wine country
 We had a great lunch there.

 Skaneateles (funny story, my daughter came home years ago and announced she was going to upstate NY for the w/end.  Where, I asked?  Upstate is as big as some countries in Europe, after all.  Don't know - but I'll find out, she said.  And came back saying, I know, I'm going where Pres. Clinton is going for Labor Day w/end - Skinny Atlas!  I googled Skinny Atlas - nothing.  Took me quite a bit of digging to find out how it's spelled!)  Anyway, a gorgeous little town, picturebook perfect with big old houses set on big lawns, the lake in the background....

 Yup, for real.  Good wine, too.  The favorite of one of my girlfriends!
 And we visited the grape pie ladies again.  They run a bed-and-breakfast from their parents old home, called Tall Pines, and we chatted and laughed like we were old friends again.
No, I don't have a recipe for grape pie.  I know they use the local grapes, which have flavor, unlike the store-bought ones.
I bought 1/2 bushel (about 9 fairly large) butternut squash and 1/2 bushel of buttercup squash.  So reasonable, I will wish to have bought more in a couple of months.  We ate one of the spaghetti squashes I bought also last night, and it was delicious.  It was big, and between the three of us (the children politely declined and ate broccoli), we just about polished it off, just baked, then salt, pepper and a bit of butter added.  Good!

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