October 3, 2010

Brooklyn Bridge

We walked the Brooklyn Bridge today.  My friend Sherri and her husband Steve and I.  We started out down by the South Street Seaport, where going is tough, cobblestone streets, and a smoker in the window.

Big new sky scraper at Pace University and then we are on the bridge.  Tons of walkers, a walk for Juvenile Diabetes is going on, and the walkway is filled from side to side, not even room for the bicycles.

We made our way up, and here are more photos:

 Steve and Sherri

 Statue of Liberty and the Staten Island Ferry

Williamsburg Bridge
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For my German friends - this sticker was on the Williamsburg Bridge!
blooming Yucca plant
new cobblestones are being laid!

 Bubby's, best lunch!
 anyone?  Ready to crotchet a bicycle cover?
Lucky, we ran into a bride and groom - what  a great spot for a picture!
The Williamsburg Bridge, which we walked back to Manhattan.  Lots of walking today!
The park under the Brooklyn Bridge, such a great spot.

And the view of the Brooklyn Bridge from the Williamsburg Bridge - I wish you all could have come with us!


  1. Dear Ruth
    it's a great pleasure you to follow.
    What funny is the plate of Coehn und Foehrb! Thank you so much for showing ♥
    Smoker in the window, not falling down, I hope...

    Brooklyn Bridge ist great, this long, strong cables.
    And Miss Liberty, so you live very near to NY.

    Hihi the colourful bicycle, I love it.
    And finnaly it's you there with the dark jacket, lightyellow pullover?

    By the way, wonderful header!