October 29, 2010

More Food

Today I stopped by the Portuguese Grocery again.  Linda, my co-worker, asked me to.  She tried one of the rolls I'd bought yesterday and declared it 'wonderful'.  And she doesn't normally eat bread.  So I got more, it was a whole wheat baguette, and yes, just great.
I haven't figured out the name of the rolls yet, but they are delicious as well.

I didn't do small children today - their mom had taken the day off, and it gives them a chance to be a family without grandmother.

On my way home I saw an accident.  It was very scary.  I was on the highway, three lanes going east- and three lanes going westbound.  All of a sudden I saw a car coming out of the left - from the eastbound lane (I was going westbound) turn, and cross our three lanes.  It looked like it was done on purpose, but I'm sure he lost control and came swinging out across our lanes.  Of course that car was hit full side-on by at least two other cars.  We all slowed down (there actually was another car behind me, honking at me to go faster).  I slowed down, pulled over to the side - safely beyond the accident, and called 911.  Would you believe, I was so shook up, I couldn't remember the name of the road anymore?
No, I didn't go back to the accident scene, I have no emergency skills, just calling 911 is all I'm capable of, plus others were already crowding around the car.

I carefully drove on, and soon I saw a trouper come with red lights and sirens toward the accident.  And I'm sure I wasn't needed as a witness.  Besides, they have my cell number.

How do you segue from that?  Nothing smart comes to mind.
I came home, turned on TV, and saw the president giving an address about what's happening now with terrorism...

I did go out and started to blow some of the leaves in the yard.
And made a great soup!  No recipe, just left-over buttercup squash that was baked, with some butter, some chicken broth, some honey, some ginger and a cut-up pear.  Very good!

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  1. Oh, oh such an accident stays in your mind doesn't it?

    Good food from the Portugueses, I'm still astonnished ;-)