October 28, 2010


Lunch was improvised, but oh, so good.  I forgot my leftovers - stuffed pepper - at home.  We went out to eat last night after soccer.  And I had (two) stuffed peppers.  I restrained myself to one, and intended to have the other for lunch.  Promptly forgot it at home.
I stopped at the Portuguese grocery store (at least I think it's Portuguese), and planned to just get bread and yogurt,  and walked out with a cabbage (for cole slaw and stuffed cabbage soon), and a couple of freshly baked Portuguese rolls.  OMG!!  Sooo good!  (And I'm German.  Which qualifies me to be a judge of fresh-baked goods.  Americans go to Germany and RAVE about the things they find in bakeries.)
I will have to say that those rolls I bought today are right up there with any baked good - yummy.  (Yes, I was hungry, but still!)

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  1. I'm astonished because I thought German bakeries are best in the world ;-)
    But we do learn ...