September 29, 2010


The sky on the way home last night was very dramatic:

Yes, I took those while driving home.
We had a tornado warning last late afternoon for a couple of hours.  Matthew and I made contingency plans in case one was close.  We were going in the basement.  That was good enough for him.

And this morning this photo, taken because of the way the light hits the wires.

Yes, I'm driving into the sun.  I like the light on the wires - it looks like they're liquid.
And no, traffic is usually bumper to bumper.


  1. wow, was für eine tolle farbe! tolle bilder!

  2. Dear Ruth,
    these pictures are so wonderful, you know I love it :-)

    Solch ein Pracht am Himmel, dazu fehlen mir leider doch die englischen Worte.
    Einfach bezaubernd. Aah ja miracabel!
    Saaaagenhafte Fotos, bin begeistert.