September 13, 2010

For my cousin

I got a loving e-mail today, reminding me gently that I haven't blogged and haven't e-mailed.  Was everything all right?  Yes, it is.
The weekend was go go go.  Friday I didn't have to pick up small children, so I went to Jo-Ann's and indulged in fabric.  And ran right to a Pampered Chef party and enjoyed myself.  (Pampered Chef, for those who don't know, is a home-party selling kitchen gadgets -  A bunch of women - what a blast!
Saturday started early with my friend asking me to come along to the Chester Craft Fair with her and her sister.  I want a sister!  It was so much fun to watch those two!

And I saw my first fall tree while walking through Chester.  The craft fair was fun, although everything seemed expensive.  Which I understand, one has to live in this country, and everything needs to be paid for.... so....

 and a skeleton  for Halloween:

Anyway, we got lots of ideas, since our budgets didn't allow purchases.  We had lunch, we wandered the rest of the craft fair, and it got later then I thought, because I then had a dinner invitation from Erika, Jim, Matthew and Jessica.
When I got there, I found out, that Linda, who works with me, condemned my daughters to make a fuss over me, after all it was Grandparents Day on Sunday!  Yes, she did.  Told them what to do - have a dinner, get me a card, make me feel special, would you believe?
I had picked up the game 'bananarama' and we played that with the kids for hours.  Special?  Yes.,

And yesterday I was invited to go apple picking with Nicole and her family. 
Early, early in the morning, since it was supposed to (and did) rain.  And it was wonderful.  Instead of going to the great apple picking orchard we've been going to in the past, which is terrific, but very, very crowded and very, very commercial, we went to a family owned and run orchard in Warwick, NY.  We were the only ones there, we had the entire orchard to ourselves, and all the trees were full of apples.

Jackson got to jump in the blow-up castle at the end of our successful roam all over the orchard, with the owner's twin daughters. 

that's how excited Evan was with our apple picking idea.  But then he got fed, and all was good.

Getting home I ran to Joann's again with my friend who had gone to the craft fair to get supplies to start in on our ideas.

And that was the weekend! 
I'm back watching small children - love it!

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  1. Wow, your weekend was full of interesting doings.
    Wonderful report, thanks for that!
    You've seen so different things, and picked appels a lot. hmm delicious.

    Best wishes your minibar

    P.S. We have been in MyZeil, what you can read and look on my Blog under: Samstag in
    It's a wonderfull new shopping-center with lots of glas.