September 17, 2010


Not official yet, but it looks like there was a tornado in Brooklyn yesterday.

We also had a bad storm in NJ, I didn't even notice at first, since I was cooking, making curry chicken with coconut milk sauce.  Matthew called me, look, Oma, it's raining!

And the wind was blowing a drenching rain sideways.  Really - sideways!
It lasted maybe 10 - 15 minutes, and slowed down.  Some thunder and lightning, but not much.

Jessica and her Dad had gone to gymnastics, and to gauge by the timing shouldn't have been caught in it (they weren't).
Then I turned on the TV, and our local station in NYC reported only about the storm. A lot of damage!

In 15 minutes!

The weather is supposed to be gorgeous over the weekend.
I'm hanging out with a baby, his mother and a toddler.
Can't wait.

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