September 21, 2010


Fondue is requested for Matthew's birthday dinner on Saturday.  He really wanted to go to the Melting Pot, but for an eighth birthday, and a dinner that lasts at least 3 hours+, his mom offered the option of doing it at home.
Can we have cheese?  And bread?  And the chocolate dipped strawberries?  Yes, he can.  So I dug out my fondue pot as well, since there will be the main event and desert on the fondue menu.  Yes, it's from Germany, bought over 40 years ago, and I still have it.  (note to self - someday you have to go through your house and get rid of things!).
Maybe the Noah and his Mom can be there too, that would be fun!

Jessica is off with her Dad to piano lessons.  She envisions us standing around her at Christmas time, when she'll be playing Christmas Charols and she'll be playing the piano.  Why not?

I made her an adorable skirt with shorts attached out of a brown cotton knit  with pink and white flowers.  She paired it with a pink top, and it's adorable.  I found the pattern on the Internet, and will definitely be making it again.  Drat, I forgot where.  And I have to take pictures!

Oh, and Nicole and Greg have a fig tree - more like a fig bush, really, but there it is.  It looks every spring like it's done for - dead, nothing but black sticks.  Well, neither one is crazy about figs, I'm the only one truly happy with the harvest!  And yes, last weekend I found about 8 ripe figs on the tree-bush.  I have to remember to tell them to check if there are more figs - soooo good!

Now if I only will find a chance to go to the Skylands Botanical Garden and find the Osage oranges that my cousin picked every October she was here....

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  1. Ah, here I'm able to write.
    It's not poosible to write a comment at your actuell report.
    Show us please this wonderful skirt.

    Oh yes, you have to try and try for chritstmas. We do so with our choire, a new mess vor christmas.

    Good old Germany! A 40 year-old melting pot!
    With love minibar