September 19, 2010

Sunday in September

On Friday morning I left my house intending fully to return in the evening.  Things change.  I left my cell phone at home, forgot it in the pocket of the coat I meant to wear.  I had to pick up children after work, I brought them home, and their mother was back from a week-long trip to the nation's capital for work.
Happy kids!

The mom took Jess to a birthday party, and I took Matthew to soccer practice.  The wrong field!  No one told me which field - but that was quickly rectified.

Then off to the toddler and the baby, I wanted to stop at home first to get my phone, a change of clothes, my book and my pillow (love my pillow, hate to sleep other places without it).  Well, once again after Labor Day traffic going West on a Friday was at a virtual stand-still.  Crawling.  So instead of going home, I skipped that half-hour plus on the highway and turned off toward mother and children.  Much better choice!
Yes, two days in the same clothes could be managed. 
(Note to self: stash some clothes at Nicole's).

And the happy news that friends of ours eloped!   Yup, got married while on vacation in Bali.
How very romantic....
Congratulations, Dani and Holger!


  1. I catch my pillow with me too, when we go to our daughter's, for example.
    It was a busy weekend for you, wasn't it?

    And, did you see? Now I'm able to write my address...

  2. wow, made it on your blogg! how cool is that? :-) thanks ruthi for your congrats! guess what? i also have always my pillow with me, which i take everywhere, even to asia!