September 6, 2010

Block and Shelter Island

More Block Island photos - it was just so gorgeous there, and we so lucked out with the weather.  The ferry was going to be closed/not running the next day, since that was the hurricane day.
So we enjoyed our very fast, and somewhat choppy ride back to the dock where the fishing boats were lined up for the night already:
A wonderful day, we went home and had dinner and went to bed wondering about the next day.

Which had a beautiful start:
Truly amazing. 

Then it got cloudy, and more clouds started piling in.  Not raining yet, so we decided to pull out the bikes and go for a ride.  We got pretty far considering a three-year old was pedaling with us, we went to the boat yard and watched them pull boats out of the water.
Then it started drizzling.  And then, as we were on the way back to the house, pouring.  Jessica was screaming, she hated being in the rain, and Erika and she took off.  I hung back to give moral support to Jackson, but Greg sent me on.  When he got back, just a few minutes later, he was laughing, and saying that Jackson aimed for the puddles, pulled up his feet and rode yelling 'wiiiiii' through the puddles.
Well, then it was back inside, playing games - Scrabble for the adults - Wii for the boys, with rain off and on.

At some point in the afternoon, when the hurricane was a possibility, and we had received a call from the town to be prepared for winds, etc., we decided to just go outside.  It wasn't very windy, not raining hard, and it wasn't cold.  The kids and I tried the water, and before we knew it, all of us except the moms were in the water swimming in the rain.  It was fabulous!  No, no pictures,  not from me, I was to happy having fun.

Yes, we were lucky we were spared the storm.

The next day we had one of those perfect, washed clean days, blue, blue skies, cool, dry air, windy but not cold, perfect.  And far windier than in the announced hurricane that wasn't.
This is my sunrise that day:
Do you see the moon?

We 'walked' the ferry to Greenport
More tomorrow!


  1. Oh what beautiful Pictures!

    Die Sonnenuntergänge sind ein Traum.
    Und NATÜRLICH habe ich den Mond gesehen ;-)
    Wie gut, dass der hurricane euch (noch) nicht ärgerte.

    Liebe Grüsse