September 16, 2010

All is well

The kids are fine, I'm fine - all is well with the world.  I'm picking up M&J after school just about every day - my side job.  Yesterday was soccer for Matthew, today it's gymnastics for Jessica after school.

Nicole called me, they took Evan for his 2-months check-up.  Nicole got her case all together, she diagnosed Evan with having reflux, and she even brought a video of him doing the typical baby-reflux thing to the doctor to convince her.  And it worked.  Evan is now on the meds he needs to be on to get to the point of having a mature esophagus.

I did my walk around my pond this morning and this is what I saw when I was starting to go back home:
taken with my cell phone.  Not bad, right?


  1. was für ein schönes bild!

  2. What a wonderful picture!
    It's great.
    Tell me please in German, what means "esophagus"