September 27, 2010


It's raining.  Hard.  Not a big deal, we do need the rain.  This morning at 6 AM it was just moist in the air, enough for me to grab a coat for my walk.  It didn't rain, but was oh, so very gently, drizzling.  And on my way up the hill I was hot enough to take the jacket off.
Oh, and I did see a wild turkey, outlined against the school fence, it looked like it didn't want to move until I got really close.
We celebrated Matthew's birthday on Saturday. His mother made fondue. Two different kinds of cheese fondue with bread and vegetables, and then chocolate fondue, two different kinds, plain and then flavored with some Frangelico - delicious, served with strawberries, marshmallows and brownies - so yummy we were tempted to lick the plate.
(which Erika did, sssshhhhhh)
When asked if that was the birthday he had imagined, Matthew nodded his head, yes, it was.

On his real birthday, everyone called him, I even managed to have my brother on the phone, who said a quick hello, plus his cousins called, his aunts, uncles, and grandfather, grandmother, not a single relative let the day go by.
Next birthday in the family?  The end of December.  And then a whole slew in January.
Yard sale in the morning.  I got a brooch made up of gaudy rhinestones, I've been collecting those since I saw a friend dress up a rather drab black sweater.  What a smashing difference!  And finding them in yard sales - easy!
And another covered milk glass dish.  I've been collecting milk glass for years, but just now are the covered milk glass dishes appearing in yard sales.  From the 1950's even.
Saturday I found the fondue dish, a Belgian covered enameled cast iron covered dish, a boogie board requested by the family, trucks for little boys who come visit, a 25 cent doll for Jessica, books for the kids....and fabric.
Not bad.

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  1. And you haven't got a photo from that turkey?

    It was raining form 9 in the morning till 8 in the evening here in ruhrdistrict.

    Am I right, you bought several things?

    A great birthday-party Matthew had.

    Best wishes your minibar