August 16, 2010

Renessaince fair

Saturday morning found me painting my dining room ceiling. It needed it. When I posted a photo of the cuckoo clock from Jackson's perspective, I was motivated to get some paint, and just do it. Well, since then it's been too hot, so this weekend with normal temperatures a person could move in, it got done. Didn't take much time, either.
Yes, I also went to some garage sales, but my feeling for really good bargains is over. 'Only' two new pair of shoes, really cool, made in Italy with cork wedge heels and peek-a-boo toes in white and in black. Yes, I have a thing for shoes.

And I tried my quilting feet. Works fine, and I did a small quilting trial, just to see how it works. Note to self, learn how to precisely cut the fabric, then you're all set.

Sunday I wanted to see the baby. He is one month old already, and looks wonderful. His parents were in the mood to get out of the house and since the Renaissance Fair is close by, we went there.
Fun!  Have you ever been?  The people who go there are in costume too.  A lot of them, not all.  The weather was overcast, and it threatened to rain, which it finally did, and it did cut our visit short - which was fine, Evan and his mother had it by that point.  But we did ride the dragon swing (Jackson)

did get a funnel cake (Greg), did get a wooden dagger (Jackson)

petted a snake (Jackson)

rode a camel (Jackson and Greg),

and watched a show with a guy getting his chest wrapped in duct tape, and then climbing on a ladder, setting of fire crackers on his chest, and having tons of water balloons thrown at him by select audience members, children, who were on stage either side of him.  You have to see it to appreciate it.  Jackson was mesmerized.  And hopefully too young to remember (and copy it).
And another cute, homemade carousel (Jackson and his mom)
We didn't make it to the joust.
But saw plenty of interesting looking folks:
The sign behind reads: Flush Privies

Our happy group, with Evan being hidden from view and rain.
A truly romantic setting, don't you think?

our littlest knight, already changing - one month old yesterday!
More romantic setting - also plenty of opportunities to spend hard-earned money.
Have a happy Monday!


  1. What a wonderful day !

    Beautiful pictures.
    On my blog there is a sword too.
    The Excalibur, I found it in a window in Weimar. You should look in (oh, im vorletzten Bericht von Weimar , lach)
    I'm so happy finally to be able to let a comment just here ♥

    Liebe Grüsse minibar

  2. rainy romantic - das war bei uns in Südtirol auch angesagt...