August 30, 2010

Fifth Monday in August

And we're in the heatwave.  It was hot yesterday, but dry, not humid.

I spend Saturday and most of Sunday with two little ones, one of them:

I guess he's tired!

And that's the house in the woods the baby and his brother live in.

And while at the farmer's market, he got invited to check out the rescue truck, including the helmet.
An offer he couldn't resist.
And we bought way too many things at the market, but everything is fresh, and the organic salad I made for lunch may still have a kernel of sand.....

The end of the week we'll be out at the end of Long Island, a trip to Block Island is planned, but we'll have to see if Earl will let us play ----
 one more photo of the baby, I just love this picture:

1 comment:

  1. What a nice photo of little Baby, he looks tired indeed.
    And the great boy with the (little) helmet on his head, wonderful.

    So they live in the wood, do they? :-)

    best wishes