August 27, 2010

Weather: perfect

The weather really is perfect.  Cool nights, lots of sunshine for the next few days, and then slipping back into a heatwave.  Summer is so not over.  But at least the nights are cooling off.

And so we won't get bored, a hurricane is a possibility after that.  Forming in the Atlantic, and maybe gracing us with it's presence.  We don't know which one yet, but we can wait.

I hope it waits until after Labor Day weekend.  I'm taking next Thursday and Friday off, and I'll be on Shelter Island.  With two of my kids and their families.

I put myself through an adventure the other day.  I couldn't find my keys on the way out of the building to go home.  Nowhere.  Yes, I checked high and low, over and under, my pockets, turned my purse upside down, dumped everything out of the laptop case, looked under the furniture, opened 4 boxes of goods ready to be shipped - nothing.  The building gets closed and everyone leaves at 3:30 PM, so staying until I found them wasn't an option.
I had to call my poor son-in-law Jim to come to my rescue.  Which he did.  And he drove me home (26 miles), and then 26 miles in rush-hour traffic back so I could get my car.  What a waste of time for everyone!  Of course I found my key the next day, it was behind where my coat was hanging, either I put it there to hang up my coat, or it fell out of my pocket....

Lesson?  I'll carry a spare car key with me at all times, and I'm handing out spare keys to my house to all my kids, and some friends in the neighborhood.

Weekend?  Thank you for asking, no - well, only two garage sales, and tomorrow I'll be going to Nicole's overnight to help out, since her husband won't be around.

And Saturday we'll go to the farmer's market, I'm looking forward to seeing the organic farmer with the  blue, blue eyes.....

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  1. Oha, surching a key.
    That happened to my husband.
    It's years ago.
    He was out to buy rolls and to get post at our postbox. He cam home and rang the bell.
    I opened. He war looking for the keys - nowhere...
    He went again to the postoffice and aked if there was given up the key? - No, no!
    In the evening we tried to block our frontdoor with several things.
    Sunday morning we got rolls out of the paperbag put into the oven and so on.
    Finally Monday morning the very last rolls where eaten. And - what was quiet down at the bottom of that bag? - The key!

    Cool night I like too.
    Just we have a thunderstorm.

    Best wishes to you
    your minibar