August 13, 2010

fleece - winter is coming!

Yeah, I know, I will be sweating for a while yet.
But the time when I will be moaning about the cold is just around the corner.

And I was looking for websites that sell ribbing.  To use as cuffs.  If I sew fleece jackets, etc., I would like to know where to get that.  And I want to sew that stuff, now that I have a kick-a.. sewing machine!
(no, didn't get that embroidery machine - yet).
Anyway, I asked the sewing expert at the store where we bought the sewing machines, she didn't have a clue.  Her only hint was to sign up for a newsletter from Nancy's notions, which I didn't want to bother with.
So I did some searching, after looking at the back of a pattern what these things are called:
turns out, it's tubular rib knits you want.
Well, that search brought me to this website that has it all!

And, this is what I've been looking for!
Polartek stuff!  Made in USA!  Name brand, and all that.
Okay, now I have to decide what I want, and then I'll be set to make stuff -
Christmas presents, etc.  And I'll be warm, and in colors I like!

Oh, if anyone is looking for REALLY cool zippers,
check out this zipper place - I deal with them, they are super nice, and send your order out right away.
Click on the 'rhinestone zippers' --- have you ever?!  I'll have to think of a special project.
I'm going home to paint the ceiling in my dining room - it needs it badly - and if I get a chance, I'll sew a cushion for my bench.
I also want to try out my new quilting foot, and see if I finally can quilt!
Have a great weekend!

(wow, way too many exclamation points, wonder what made me do that)


  1. Shesh ask and no one answers...talking about the last post. I just got here. Glad you didn't get the machine too. I think she was pretty obnoxious myself, wanting to sell it so bad but still dickering on a price. Sight unseen no doubt. The right one will come along Ruth, save your money for that...

    I'll have to go see this zipper place you told about. I only sew when the mood hits me...maybe once a year, maybe. I use to sew with the cuffs you talk about, years ago. Pretty easy to do with a serger. Just experiment..
    You'll have to show what you make that keeps ya so warm. And please STOP reminding us of the cold, freezing, icy crap we get to complain about again :)

    Enjoy your warmth wherever it's coming from...

  2. So, nun schreib ich nochmal. Ich hab noch eine Idee. Fleece ist ja schön warm. Meine Tochter hatte sich daraus vor etlichen Jahren mal so eine Art Jacke genäht, die sie über den Kopf ziehen musste.