August 31, 2010

They are making us nuts!

The weatherpeople -  they are making us crazy!   A possible hurricane.  Well, I sat in an airplane the last time.  And landed in the middle of it.  And was mad at my kids for not picking me up.  The plane landed, what was the big deal about driving to the airport?!  I couldn't understand it at all.  We still tease each other about that.  And that was.... oh, in the late 1990's.  Floyd?  1999.  The last major hurricane hitting the East Cost.  I just checked.  That sounds right....

Anyway, if this one makes landfall, we'll be on an island.  Sheltered by the South Fork of Long Island.

If it his, there'll be pictures!


  1. What's on?
    Your plane didn't start because they were wating for a hurricane?

    And now? Could you start your trip?

    Best wishes

  2. Wow, lost keys, sandy salad and a sweet baby! Love coming back to see what I've missed :)
    Speak of missed, glad Earl was so wimpy when he came to visit you!

    Take care, I'll check in again soon, and enjoy the nice weather.

  3. I was smiling while i was reading your post !!! Thank you for sharing your experience!