August 19, 2010

Burger King Salad

Since there isn't a contact e-mail on the BK site, I'll have to vent here.

I got a salad for lunch, with chicken.  It has a bunch of lettuce, four tiny grape tomatoes, and four of the smallest carrots I have ever seen.  It came with 9 pieces of chicken, and they charged $5.49.
It is the crummiest most expensive salad I have ever seen.
I hope someone at Burger King googles itself, so they may came across my complaint.  Unbelievable - for a double hamburger they charge $1, a salad with a minimum amount of chicken over $5.
Note to self:  Don't get the salad at BK.  Don't go to BK.

Waiting for something like a little more 'normal' temperatures.  It's only going up into the mid 80's, but after all that heat behind us, I vote for something in the 70's or 60's.

Walk around the pond was nice.  It has a footpath around it, that's why it's so popular.
And yes, I spotted a deer again this morning.  Yesterday I scared a mom deer, she jumped across the road in front of me and scared me, to get to her two youngens.

Got the kids from camp yesterday, and asked Jessica (6) to go to the bakery to get rolls.  I parked in front of the bakery, but let her go in by herself, and take care of buying them.  She is so proud to be doing that on her own!  While European school children go to school by themselves very early, and go into the shops by themselves as well, American kids don't have those chances.  They are bussed or driven everywhere, and hardly a child walks by him/herself.  So there are really few opportunities to buy something by themselves.  I remember how much my kids enjoyed it when they were allowed to do that when we visited Oma and Opa.

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