August 12, 2010

Thursday, again

My, time flies.

And it is less hot today, but still humid and dry.  Yes, seems like a contradiction, but isn't.  Everything is crying out for some rain.

The other day I came home and I had a fawn in my backyard again.  Hmmm, I thought, looking around.  The mom was laying down in the bushes, too tired to even get up when I walked as close as 6 feet from it.  Just kept an eye on me.  The youngster was far more leery of me, it ran away as soon as I started coming down the deck stairs.

My friend Penny and I visited our friend Ana, who just had a baby.  Born on the same day as Evan, even bigger!  Cute as a button (and I don't feel right showing his photo, I didn't ask his mom permission).
Seeing Ana, as always, is a treat, I have never met anyone with as much good humor and bubbling over with enthusiasm about life (and she is no longer living in a sea of beige).

She moved not so long ago, and brought the kitchen with her from the old house (unusual for the States, quite common, even expected, in Europe).  She couldn't find anyone to install her granite, so she got new for her counter tops and offered the 'old' granite up for grabs.  Warning us, that it would be hard to find someone to cut and install it.  Since my kitchen is white, pretty much anything will go with it.  What color, I asked?
Verde Butterfly
Well, I'm owed a day of work, it was a birthday present.  The person who would be doing the work, it turns out, used to install granite counter tops.  Wooo whooo!
I hereby declare myself the queen of scrounging.

Now all I have to search for is a sink, since my sink now is over the counter mount, and granite requires under the counter mount.  But that's all right!  With a free counter top, I think I can afford a new sink.  And so I am ambling into the 21st century.
Yeah, and if I rambled on about ... why does every kitchen in America have to have stainless steel appliances and granite counters... please disregard.  I will never get stainless steel appliances, but free granite counters, I have no argument with that.   Thank you Ana!

While on the subject of scrounging.... the other day a customer came wandering by, lugging some fabric.
Will you make me this for my deck?  he asked - it was just a square cover.  No problem, I said.  He said, he'd bring me material - his company uses material/fabric to stuff mattresses, and he was just given a truck load of table cloths from a catering company, that was changing their colors, and if they had put those tablecloths in the garbage, it would have been expensive.  So I get some of them - huge ones - in exchange for sewing something - how's that for recycling all around?  And the good old barter system is still working.

What to use all that fabric for?  I have no idea.  Yet.

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  1. WOW Ruth, granite no doubt...touch you!! And free, I love it! I'm with you on the sinks too. NO STAINLESS STEEL for me either when I had my house built..the one I'm trying to sell, and housing here has...ya, you got it. stainless steel sinks...BLAH! Oh well, I'd just like to have a house to live in....

    Great Bargaining too. So what color are they?
    Let me know what you do with will be fine..haha.

    Glad you had some time with friends.

    Take care