August 12, 2010

Help - the scrounging queen at it again

While looking on Craig's list for an embroidery machine - now I'm just looking, not really expecting to find anything- I came across an offer of a  machine by Brother ULT 2001, an older embroidery machine.  The price seems very reasonable, and I inquired about the machine, was it still available, etc.
It seems yes, it was, and she wanted to sell it badly, since she is moving away, and lost interest, and it was her grandmother's machine anyway.  The machine is in good shape, working, hardly used, and, like I said, reasonable - that is, reasonable for an embroidery machine that was over $2,000 to begin with.

Well, I made an offer, she countered, I countered back, and she gave me a 'set' price.  I gracefully bowed out, saying like her, due to the economy, I wasn't willing to go higher, and wished her good luck.

Well, wouldn't you know it, there is another e-mail in my in-box, asking how high I would go.....

What to do?  If anyone has something to add, please, I'm begging you, say it.
I do know the machine when using an embroidery design, works off floppy discs.  Who uses floppy discs anymore?! I'm also told, and I checked it out, that there is the possibility of getting an external drive for the computer.  Will I go full force into the embroidery thingie?  The machine also operates like a regular sewing machine (which I got, and it's lovely).   Hmmmm ---- thoughts, please?

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  1. Das ist Lustig! Ich suche gerade nach einer Nähmaschine, die auch z.b. Leder nähen kann. So ein Industriemaschine wäre mir am liebsten und ich war gerade am überlegen, ob ich mal bei Craig's list gucke, ich bin eigentlich mehr bei Ebay unterwegs bei so was.

    Also ich würde übrigens keine Maschine kaufen, die noch mit Disketten arbeitet. Jedenfalls nicht, wenn Du sie ernsthaft als Stickmaschine nutzen willst. Ich glaube, damit wirst du nicht glücklich.