August 22, 2010


I'm back from a two-day stay at Nicole's house.  Her husband and son went up north to see some logging exhibit, and were gone from Friday night until today.

So I went over, to first of all spend time with Evan, and Nicole, of course, and to make a show of helping her - sorry Nikki, the attraction was the munchkin ----

We went shopping to a shopping center just over the NJ/NY border, where I stayed outside with the sleeping Evan while Nicole visited some stores.  He is too little to go into the shops.

I told a girlfriend about the visit.  She was aghast, saying the baby didn't belong into a shopping area, he needed silence, and maybe a walk in the woods.  I was so surprised, I forgot to tell her, that if he lives any more in the woods, it would have to be a house in the trees.

Anyway, he is a cute little boy, he slept a lot, and he is close to smiling when being talked to - remember that stage?
We also visited an organic farm that has a farm stand on Sundays in Nicole's town.  It was very interesting, lovely veggies, and we bought tons!

The other family went to PA to Hershey Park for the weekend.  Too bad it's raining buckets today.  We do need it desperately, the ground was so totally dry, it was pitiful.
the obligatory sunflower from the farm

Isn't he doing great?

Yes, I even managed to squeeze in one garage sale.  Childrens books.  A handful for a dollar.

See you all soon!

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  1. Hihi, a baby only in wood?
    Babies can sleep everywhere.

    So is the rain at yours... we have had it last week.
    But last weekend we have had wonderful sunny weather. And my husband and I made e trip to Münster.

    All the best to you