August 10, 2010

Not any better Tuesday

Well, my hopes for a wet August are just not happening.  No rain for ages now.  The poor trees and flowers, not to mention the grass!  The two small ponds on my daughter's property are just about dry.
But the figs are doing great!  I can't wait, especially since they don't even like figs.

Yesterday I was watching TV and glancing at my computer, and during the slide show/screen saver a photo of Jessica as a baby floated by.  Wait a minute, I thought, let me look at that...
This is Jessica.  Yes, we know, she is surrounded by blue.  But it's her.

And here is Evan:
it's even more noticeable here:
and the cousin:

Don't those babies look alike?  Of course Jessica looks nothing like her baby pictures now. 
Will the same happen to Evan?

We'll see!

My cousin, the one who went on the cruise, invited me to view her album - terrific trip!  That looked like a great journey - from Hamburg around France and Span, with stops along the way in Rotterdam, and Lisbon, and an unplanned stop in Bilbao, Spain.  Then around Gibraltar, and through the Mediterranean to someplace in Italy, I think, where the trip ended.  Anyway, it sounded great, and someday.....

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