August 3, 2010

Tuesday .... singing

Busy.  Still hot.  And Humid - with an capital H.

I will stop complaining about the humid.
At least it's not raining.

The baby is fine.  He can do other things besides scream:

Isn't he cute?  And that newborn look - it goes away far too fast!  I try telling it to the parents, who have to get up with him every four hours, maybe less.  And yes, they know.  But when you're in it, it seems like forever.
And the Mom is back to her before-the-baby-weight.  Disgusting.  Who does that?!

And here is the big brother:
Making what he thinks is a horrible face.  Cute!

On Saturday I will go to a shower, and afterward to a sewing class.  Back to PA!  Yes, the people at the store are wonderful, and my friend Sherri, who bought a brand-new sewing machine, needs a beginners lesson.  And she wants to drag me along with her. 
Maybe we'll eat again at the Mediterranean restaurant we tried last time - awesome Baba Ganoush! (grilled eggplant, scooped out, lemon juice, garlic, and tahini, salt and pepper, little olive oil, yummy!)

Have a great Wednesday.....

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  1. Cute baby, cute big brother, cute OMA!

    Hope you enjoy your eggplant :)