August 9, 2010

Hot Monday (humid too)

And the weekend is gone.  Amazing how it flies by.  The baby shower was nice, but confusion reigned.  I thought the invitation was for 2 PM, it turned out it was for 1 PM, so I had to hustle. 
Once I got there, I found out that the grandmother put the wrong time on the invitations, it was supposed to start at noon.  Oh, well.  It was nice anyhow, the food (Italian) was delicious, and it was great to see old neighbors, and friends.

The sewing class was totally worthwhile.  I learned a few things about the sewing machine I didn't know before, and I learned a few tricks.  Like using a stabilizer under the embroidery stitches that are on the machine makes them come out so much better.  You'd think I'd know some of this stuff, having had a sewing machine in my life for the last ....  umpteen years.  Not so!  Also, I kept wondering why the foot only raised what seemed to me like a little bit off the machine, come to find out if you keep lifting on the lever, it goes higher!  Who knew?

Yesterday I went to see the baby and his family, we went to the pool together, Nicole felt more comfortable with adult help.  Jackson just loves the kiddie pool, he is no trouble at all there.  He plays by himself, uses the toys that are around, and is one happy little camper.
The midget is doing well, and what he is supposed to.  Growing, eating... you get the drift.

Last night I was invited for dinner at the Malaysian restaurant with friends.  Fun food - I ate something in a deep-fried poi-basket, and yes, even poi tastes good deep-fried!
The only thing - even after 40 years here, it bothers me when people ask immediately on meeting me: 'where are you from?'  I still don't like it.  It implies my accent is so strong, that that is the first thing they notice about me - as if I were to be defined by it.  Happened again last night.  The couple I met were great, friendly, interesting, funny, all of that, but for that first question.  No, I have no problem having an accent.  And no, most of the time it isn't that noticeable.    Lots of people meet me, never ask, never notice.  I also know that it's stronger when I'm nervous, or when I just got off the plane from a visit home.
Anyway, sometimes I play with it - the 'where are you from' question.  I remember when my daughter was in Marching Band eons ago, I was asked at the ticket booth (they meant which band are you with), and I understood 'where do you come from'....  so also lots of opportunity for misunderstandings.

I'll have to get a stock funny answer.  Anyone have any tips?

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