August 5, 2010

Thursday and counting

Yeah, it's still hot.   And humid.  But supposed to break tonight.
Note to self:  Read this while trying to get your hands and feet warm, when it's freezing outside.

I'm reading in other blogs about the coming fall, and that it's close.  Doesn't feel like that to me.  We still have all of August to go through, and September can be just like a summer month here in the North-East.  And only THEN comes lovely October.  When I'll go to the Finger Lakes again with friends.  Seems like a long time off.

We spent time with Matthew and Jessica's cousins, who were out here visiting the grandparents and other relatives.  Much too fast, but everyone has things to do.

Here is the gang.  Matthew wasn't really in the mood to have his picture taken, but somehow he worked with us.
And here with the grandparents:

I am also hoping to go to the city some time soon.  I don't like going by myself,  I much rather share the experience with a friend.  Let me see, who I can talk into going.

Erika was gone from Monday until today, she is on her way home as I'm writing this.  Her kids and husband missed her - so did I - and I'm sure they'll be thrilled to have her back. 
I am visiting Nicole and the baby after work today.  Together we will pick up the big brother. 

I talked to Noah's Mom last night, and he is potty training!  Yeah!  Early, too.

I used some of the wonderful buttons Claus made me on some bag I made from a pattern I found in one of the blogs.  That is, I found the how-to, not a pattern.  Lovely thing, it's just a flat bag, sewn in one piece, I'll upload pictures (when I feel like taking them).

I got myself the quilting foot to my machine and a quarter-inch foot, to do piece work reliably.  So nothing stands in the way of me making a quilt for real!

And, to make a total mish-mash, here is a picture I found while looking for the above.  It's of my parents in the 1950's.   Isn't it a darling photo?


  1. Awww, don't you just love finding treasures like this...glad you did.

    I'd love to go to the city with you! Darn the miles anyway :(

    Have fun when you go Ruth. I'll watch for an update..

  2. oh, das ist aber ein tolles foto!!