August 25, 2010

More Rain

And it's still - again - raining.  Which is fine, really!  When it rains here in August, you can still wear shorts and t-shirts and sandals while hopping across puddles.  Or even step into them.  The air is still warm, and it's not uncomfortable at all.  It's the typical summer rain.  And we so needed it.  I miss rain if a sunny, hot period goes on too long.

I am eating a wonderful, delicious, perfect, and I mean perfect, peach.  A co-mother-in-law sent it to me, as a thank you, for something I felt was no big deal.  But I appreciate the gift whenever I eat one of those picture-perfect peaches.  And no, there is no photo, I eat them too fast!

Now a little problem.  A friend in Germany told me her son posted a picture of his little daughter on  And since it's her grandchild, which she has never seen, she was telling me how cute, with blond curls, blue eyes, etc... you get the idea.
I checked, her son's page, and her son is commenting on someone else's daughter.  The someone else wrote 'this is my daughter', which looks like it came from my friend's son.
The son only wrote a comment, like 'what a sweet girl' to this post, but for someone not - I don't even know if it's a language thing - it does look like he's talking about his daughter, but it's definitely not, he's just writing the comment....
Dilemma!  do I make it a point to call her and tell her it's NOT her grand-daughter?  Btw, the relationship between mother and son is tenuous at best.

It's also the friend who didn't like us taking a baby to an outdoor shopping center, and thought he'd be better off being walked in the forest.  If he lives any deeper in the forest, he'll be either in a cave or sleeping in a nest.  Why is it, that some people can still make me feel guilty?  I thought I'd be over that by now....

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  1. Liebe Ruth,
    deshalb musst du dich doch nicht schuldig fühlen. Das fehlt auch noch! ;-) Schon das Ansinnen, das Baby im Wald zu halten, ist doch ziemlich verrückt.
    Aber erst einmal zum Regen. Du schreibst das so dankbar, so nett. Die meisten verdammen jeden Regen.
    Auch bei uns regnet es und es ist warm dabei. Das ist eigentlich recht selten hier der Fall.

    Dir alles, alles Gute
    wünscht minibar