February 6, 2010


Despite-inspite (I alwaýs have a hard time with that) the winter weather here, we are trying to see or visit some places.  Today we went to the Pfalzgrafenstein in the middle of the Rhine.  No, I did not download the photos yet, but here are a few others.

We went to Bingen on the Rhine yesterday and ended up eating ice cream.  Jackson, who is two and a half, wanted the ice cream with the Smarties on top (smarties are like M and Ms), and when he got it, and he had a bite, he made a face and declared 'it's cold!'
Well, ice cream is not for him, I guess, he is into cookies.

Tomorrow we will go to a childrens Fasching or Carnival or Mardi Gras with him.

Jackson's rejected ice cream, doesn't it look good?

This is in Bingen, a wall painting of Hildegard of Bingen

And the day before we went to Bad Kreuznach, and here are the houses on the bridge, which are the symbol
of the town

and the bridge houses from the other side.
More tomorrow, we are off on another adventure!
I am happy for any reader,
Thank You!!!


  1. Das sind ja tolle Bilder, trotz den Wetters. Ist bestimmt nicht nur für den amerikanischen Teil Deiner Family sehr spannend dort!

  2. Oh how fun! I'd eat Jackson's ice cream! Looks yummy but how funny that he noticed it was cold (O: I love how the buildings are bigger on the top part. And the painting on the wall...
    It's so beautiful there Ruth and thanks for showing your Tourist day!

  3. Ruth, I just posted about you on my blogs..And I'll tell some of my email friends to come see you too. You are just too interesting to keep to myself! haha...

  4. Hi Ruth I just visited my buddy Vicki and she said to swing on by and take a visit. I'm glad I did! I love the pictures of Germany there so beautiful. Oh I will definately be back.

  5. I visited Germany about 23 years ago - it's a beautiful country!